What's All included: 1 Practice Barrel (Blue Inert Barrel), 1 "LIVE" Defense barrel, 2 Nitrogen gas cartridges, 2 safeties


For the Pen to work you must have the nitrogen cartridge in the body. Remember READ through manual thoroughly before loading the launcher.


  • Single Use: Reloadable, Self Defense/Animal Deterrent PAVA Dispenser

  • Effective Range: Up to 30 Feet

  • PAVA Powder Irritant:   5.0%

  • Hardened Blade (Available after Shot)

  • Plume Diameter of 6ft, Easy to Aim


Penshot has been made from quality Aircraft Aluminum, and will provide years of reliable use if it is cared for properly.


Make sure you fully understand the instructions before use. The Penshot is not a toy and should never be left without safety on or within reach of children.


Please refer back to the manual inside the box, BEFORE USE.


The Penshot is not a "firearm" under Federal law. Certain States and municipalities may regulate possession and use of the Penshot and its compressed N2 gas or irritant powder. Always check applicable laws and regulations before tansporting and using your Penshot.

Penshot - Magnum Reload Kit