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Advanced PAVA Launchers

EMC Carbine

The EMC Carbine is a premier choice for tactical professionals and enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance and reliability in a non-lethal platform. Designed with precision engineering and advanced materials, the EMC Carbine offers exceptional accuracy and durability in the field. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, while the robust construction guarantees resilience under demanding conditions. Whether for law enforcement training scenarios or tactical simulations, the EMC Carbine delivers consistent, top-tier performance, making it an indispensable tool for modern defense strategies.

EMC Carbine


Pava Launcher

Pure mechanical operation


No Battery

Requires no batteries to operate



Pava balls fed by a magazine

.68 Cal

68 Caliber

Utilizes standard 68 caliber pava projectiles

EMC Carbine

Get One Today

Get your EMC Carbine today and experience the pinnacle of non-lethal tactical performance, whether you're a civilian looking for advanced self-defense tools or a law enforcement agency in need of reliable training equipment. Designed for precision and durability, the EMC Carbine is perfect for a variety of scenarios. Contact us for bulk orders to ensure your entire team or community is equipped with this high-quality device.

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