The Penshot  Personal SAFETY DEVICE

The Penshot packs a punch with 2.5g of active PAVA powder, a 30 foot+  range, and a 6 foot wide plume.

It is a fine writing instrument with a Fisher Space pen ink cartridge.


It can easily fit in a pocket or clip onto a notebook for maximum portability.


Cutting-edge plume technology means you don't need a direct hit to neutralize long range threats.


Nitrogen propellant means Stickshot works in all weather conditions or time of year.

You don't have to wait until a threat is almost on top of you to defend yourself with spray or use a bulky pistol for a long range.


The Stickshot and Penshot were created as a response to consistent requests we received from both civilians and law enforcement for a new and innovative alternative to pepper projectile launchers and conventional pepper spray devices.

The Stickshot and Penshot have an innovative dual action safety that is simple and easy to operate with only one hand, but prevents the trigger from being pushed even with heavy handling.


We make our Stickshot and Penshot products with the consumer in mind; easy to use, reload, and maintain. We use all weather nitrogen propellant for peace of mind, and all of our products are made from high quality materials.


Penshot bridges the gap between short range pepper spray and bulky pepper ball launchers.

Penshot doesn't resemble or work like a gun, but still has impressive long range stopping power.

What it is:

For the first time, a long range pepper device can slip right into your pocket or clipboard.

Penshot's compct size is easily concealed to go anywhere and ready when you need it.

Why it's better:

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