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Our non-lethal solutions serve Law Enforcement agencies, Security Professionals, and Government Agencies across the globe. We are proud to deliver products that are mission-critical, precise, effective, reliable, and sustainable. Our tools ensure safety and compliance, ultimately contributing to saving lives.

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Maintaining Distance: Time and Alternatives

Our non-lethal solutions offer users a wide selection of tools to handle various situations while maintaining a safe distance from potential threats. Our devices, designed for precise deployment at extended ranges, reduce the risk associated with close-quarters encounters, ensuring the safety of officers and the public.

Comprehensive Training and Support

We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure that users are fully equipped to operate our products effectively and safely, maximizing their potential in real-world scenarios.

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 Flash Bang Alternative 


Discover our NPDD (Non-Pyro Diversionary Device), the ideal alternative to traditional flash bangs, designed to enhance law enforcement operations with its versatility and effectiveness in tactical situations.

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 Advanced Pava Launcher 

EMC Carbine

Introducing our EMC Carbine, a cutting-edge PAVA launcher designed to provide law enforcement with a reliable and effective non-lethal option for managing volatile situations.


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