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StickShot and PenShot are all-weather nitrogen gas propelled pepper sprayers. They launch a payload of non toxic pepper powder at high velocity to deter enemies or disable threats nearby. These were built for the protection of people, and to keep the streets safe today.

PavaShot produces world-class quality and highly rated "Non Lethal" rounds. We use a strict set of premium quality irritants on the market, granting the user maximum performance in any scenario.

  • Inert Round

  • P1 Round

  • P10 Round

Preparing Law enforcement all around the country and utilizing state of the art technology to keep the cities safe. Introducing real-size comparisons of existing arms into the Non-Lethal world.

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Moving People


"From the beginning, Pavashot's mission has been to create reliable, cutting-edge products that provide safety and peace of mind for our customers. Our products provide unmatched levels of consistency and power while embracing a simple and easily concealed design, making Pavashot perfect for law enforcement and civilians alike. When the stakes are this high, SECOND best isn't good enough. Choose Pavashot. Your safety is our standard."

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Stickshot. Small and concealable. Powerful and reliable. All the advantages of non lethal self-defense device in a smaller, more powerful package. Threats can pop up at any time and anywhere. Even if you’re caught unexpected, with Stickshot, your protection doesn’t depend upon your accuracy. Stickshot projects a high-velocity wide diameter plume of nontoxic powder, neutralizing threats. You can rest easy knowing that threats are merely a button press away from being neutralized.

Pavashot. High-velocity irritating powder. Large area of effectiveness. And it fits in your back pocket. Pavashot was designed for quick, simple, effective use: point and press. That’s all it takes. Effective self-defense shouldn’t depend upon proximity. The further away the threats are, the better. That’s why our products are designed to neutralize threats from a safe distance.


Penshot. Small. Light. Easily accessible. Uniquely designed. Powerful performance. Great things come in small packages, and this one packs a mighty punch. And it’s also a pen.


Carrying a Fisher Space pen cartridge, Penshot writes on any surface so you’re prepared at a moment’s notice to deal with threats whenever and wherever they appear.

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“I was really impressed with the quality of my Penshot. I keep it in my purse at all times, it makes me feel safe knowing I have something to protect myself.”

- Mary Jones

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