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Safe.Secure.Self Defence.

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StickShot and PenShot are long range pepper powder launchers.


They are not guns, and do not look like guns. They are easily concealable to go where you go.


They launch pepper powder at high velocity using compressed nitrogen gas to deter enemies and disable threats nearby.


Their plume technology goes the distance and doesn't need a direct hit to be effective.


Patented completely non-pyrotechnic diversionary device (NPDD) provides the same 175+dB diversion as a traditional flash bang, but operates solely on compressed nitrogen.

The NPDD is easily reloaded, creates no heat when used, and cannot start a fire.

The NPDD can dispense a large dose of PAVA powder across a 7 meter blast radius.


THe NPDD is not a destructive device and has no ATF explosive device restrictions.




PavaShot produces high quality highly rated  .68 caliber round balls.


These powder filled rounds are compatible with existing .68 caliber launchers.


We use premium quality materials and irritants, granting maximum performance in any scenario.

Moving People


"From the beginning, Pavashot's mission has been to create reliable, cutting-edge products that provide safety and peace of mind for our customers. Our products embrace a simple and easily concealed design with exceptionally long range, making Pavashot perfect for law enforcement and civilians alike. When the stakes are high, SECOND best isn't good enough. Choose Pavashot."

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“I was really impressed with the quality of my Penshot. I keep it in my purse at all times, it makes me feel safe knowing I have something to protect myself.”

- Mary Jones

Designed, Assembled & Supported in the USA
No License Needed
FAST Shipping
10x Effective
Designed with Multi-Safety
Peace of Mind
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